Mount Dora Brewing
and the Rocking Rabbit Brewery

Mount Dora Brewing is CLOSED
until further notice. 
Our business and property are for sale. 
The business includes a full-service restaurant with liquor license and a beer brewing manufacturing license. (You can view more of this website to see what Mount Dora Brewing has to offer!) 
The property includes 3-4 commercial rental spaces, and 1-2 residential rental spaces. 
Serious inquiries may contact us via email.

Our building is unique, with different spaces to suit your dining and social needs.
Join your friends and neighbors in the Rocking Rabbit Tap Room -- a funky space where you can sit at the bar or tables, and hear live music every Thursday 7:00-10:00, and Friday  & Saturday Night, 8:00-11:00!
We also have an Open Mic/Acoustic Jam Session on Sunday (5:30 -ish) and Brewery Boys Band practice on Monday nights.  Check our EVENTS page to see our music calendar.

Our Dining Room is a great spot for family dining and large groups. It's also the room where we serve breakfast  and lunch .

And the Beer Garden is a great outdoor spot  for relaxing and dining.

We serve food, beer, wine, and cocktails throughout our building. 

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A message from the Owner -

    Welcome to the Mount Dora Brewing's Rocking Rabbit Brewery! We are celebrating 110 years!

A little history of this place is in order. The building that houses our Tap Room and brewing system was built in the 20s and is now 100 years old. It has been a home for many different businesses over the years. The structure has been left, for the most part, unchanged. I have owned this building for over 40 years. During the first 30 of those years, I built and restored furniture. That's why you will see the collection of old tools and various collectibles in the rafters that make up the decor. In 2010, I opened Mount Dora Brewing and we've been steadily growing ever since. 

    The main reason for the brewery is somewhat convoluted and personal.  Beer has been an integral part of my family. My grandparents on both sides of my family came from Germany. My mom and dad told me many stories about bathtub home-brews and exploding bottles that occurred frequently throughout their childhood. Of course, I listened to these stories with great interest. So I got interested in home brewing and then came to a conclusion that you need much better control of the process to make a consistently better beer.

    One thing led to another and I was lucky enough to have found a brewing system and a place to put it. This took almost 3 years to complete and it was a labor of love. I love to drink good beer and my sole purpose is to make good flavorful beer, with good organic ingredients. I've been making the same beers consistently since 2010. 

    The building has several rooms and a lovely beer garden where people can gather, talk and enjoy a glass of beer.  We are also a full service restaurant with top-shelf liquor. We serve delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Check out our menus!) 

We also feature many talented, local musicians who share their unique styles and musical passions.  Live music every Thursday thru Monday.

    This is a grand experiment and as time goes by we will continue to grow and have lots of fun here. My mom and dad  aren't around anymore, but hopefully I have made something they are proud of.

- Jeff Herbst (Owner and proprietor)