Mount Dora Brewing
and the Rocking Rabbit Brewery
The only mountain brewed beer in the state!
We serve  beers that have been brewed on site at Mount Dora Brewing. All of our beers are made with organic ingredients.

Beauclaire Blond Ale
This brew is named for one of the beautiful lakes near Mount Dora. This full flavored, filtered ale is made with organic malt. It has light brown sugar overtones.

Dora Drawdy Drool
 A blend of two ales that will make you dream of nights floating on a raft in the middle of beautiful Lake Dora, while you swat at mosquitoes and listen to the grunts of bull gators looking for a mate.  Named for the daughter of one of Mount Dora's founding families. 

Rocking Rabbit Red
In its formative stage, this brew was known as our "first Draft."  It is an Irish Red Ale, filtered,  flavorful, and made of organic ingredients, including Orange Blossom Honey. ABV 5.75%

Dirty Blond
A blend of Porter and Blond ales. The Porter gives the sweet blond a little boost of extra flavor.

Rabbit Pellet Porter
A blend of Porter and Rocking Rabbit Red. It's hare raising!

Pistolville Porter
This is our "first shot" at our rich, flavorful porter. Named for Pistolville, which is the historic part of town where we are located, this brew has a deep brown color, with a very smooth finish. ABV  9.9%

Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Ale, on tap
Cigar City IPA
Cigar City Maduro Brown Ale

We now serve a limited selection of light domestic beers. Even though our beer is as domestic as you can get.
Coors Light
Miller Lite

We also serve St. Pauli Girl NA (non-alcoholic) Beer

You can download our full menu on the Menu tab/page.